Our company supplies security, anti-intrusion, surveillance, access control and fire detection systems of any kind, with both on site and remote management. Moreover, we provide the client with system theoretical and practical demonstrations, organised at our premises. We carry out these activities with professionalism and expertise in the field of general security systems.

Services Provided

We design customised security systems that are tailored on clients’ needs and,
thanks to the expertise built up over years, we rely on a specific design procedure.

CCTV Systems

Closed-circuit systems record and transmit data about the area to be protected. They include the possibility to print or file recorded data.

Anti-Intrusion Alarm

The technology and the systems implemented guarantee the best protection against any type of critical area, be it an internal space or a large external space.

Access Control

Systems to regulate and control the flow of people or vehicles through autonomous or centralised installations..

Fire Detection

Sensors are conceived to isolate and extinguish an area subject to fire:
the system detects the hazard and activates the acoustic signal and/or telecommunications while the extinguishing system guarantees a rapid intervention through fire-extinguishing agents.

Presence Detection

Presence detection systems are activated through cards with a magnetic strip, tags or biometric recognition and are among the most used for the control of hours for tax purposes.

Environment Monitoring

Smart devices constantly monitor the environment and the correct functioning of the systems installed in a facility through air-sampling, infrared and ultraviolet sensors and through control units that detect anomalies


Since 2000, we have been authorised to carry out our activities for public-sector
bodies and our work complies with the rules of the protocols ISO9001:2008.

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Certificazione Iso 9001:2008

Certificazione Ital SOA