Since the creation of the company, we have dealt with the design and building of civil and industrial electrical plants, mechanical lighting fixtures and with renewable energy.
We design, develop and monitor plants over time and we collaborate with reliable partners, so as to guarantee the quality of our work.

Operating Segments

Thanks to our qualified staff together with a broad network of certified professionals
we can carefully analyse clients’ needs and propose innovative
and safe solutions backed by our technical assistance.


Electrical Plants

We develop electrical plants for private and public-sector bodies; more specifically, our areas of activity are electrical plants, plants for the industrial and third sector, business data network, transformer stations, rack closets, public lighting, sports facilities or multi-purpose facilities, special facilities and home automation.



We design and install renewable energy plants that are highly efficient and environmental friendly.

Photovoltaic installations, cogeneration and trigeneration installations, wind power plants and hydroelectric plants.


House Automation

Get a totally new experience of your company or your house through complex installations that can guarantee more comfort and convenience together with the possibility of remote management.
A modern technology for a modern and well-performing facility.


Mechanical Installations

We design and develop conditioning, cooling, heating, water treatment, firefighting and water supply and sanitary installations. Hydronic systems with radiant ceilings, floors and walls. Modulating condensing boilers with thermostatic heads.


Electric Panels

We design and develop standard medium-voltage control panels (36 Kw), prefabricated Mv panels for assembling units, prefabricated Lv panels for assembling units, motor control center, synoptic panels for control, management and supervision, industrial and process automation panels.



The lighting design concept that we chose is not limited to the technical or analytical calculation of the illumination values for each space, be they private or business spaces: we look for the most suitable solution in a dedicated and passionate way so as to create new lighting scenarios and new ways of enjoying spaces, be they of civil or public destination.



We carry out civil and industrial planning and our target is the highest possible level of simplicity and functionality. Indeed, a comprehensive and efficient result can be achieved only through a close collaboration between designers and users, so as to find an agreement on economic and functional issues.



We provide support services for the development and maintenance of civil and industrial installations, for the control and operation of HV, Mv, lv grids, we can intervene 24/7 and provide technical assistance to manage the installations and restore the normal operating conditions in a rapid timeframe.

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Since 2000, we have been authorised to carry out our activities for public-sector bodies and our work complies with the rules of the protocols ISO9001:2008.

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Certificazione Iso 9001:2008

Certificazione Ital SOA